5 Ways To Say I Love You This Valentine’s

It’s that time of year again! When everything is coloured in shades of red and pink and it seems like the world is walking around looking like the heart eyed emoji. Hate it or love it, there is something sweet about taking one day out of the year to celebrate love. This doesn’t have mean romantic love but can be love for your family, friends or even your pet! We’ve created a list of gifts that we believe are the perfect way to say I Love You, to whomever you may love.

Tiny Tag Book

A tag book is a tiny notebook where you can write out tags similar to price tags or gift cards and leave them for your lover to find. Give your partner 14 tags with 14 reasons why you love them and hang them around different parts of the house for them to unexpectedly discover. We can promise you that these little gestures will instantly make your partner feel loved!

Tiny Tag Book

An Upgraded Bouquet

Valentine’s and flowers go hand in hand but we’re talking about more than your usual dozen of roses. Check out boutique florists like Velvet Ribbon, set up by Petals Deas for a glamorous, insta-worthy arrangement that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. We love how unique her arrangements are, featuring flowers we had never seen in India before! These luxury bouquets come in beautiful boxes that will definitely add that much needed touch of rose to your Valentines!

Visit https://www.velvetribbon.in to order


Does your bestie have a serious sweet-tooth? Head over to Clove, Mumbai’s newest concept store and explore the shops An Ode To Sweet Love display furnished by PAPABUBBLE. Gift your best mate a bouquet of lollipops, candy roses or soft-as-cotton marshmallows for a sweet surprise. The whimsical display, which is all laid out to reflect a decadent candy bar, highlights the vibrant colours, textures and distinctive shapes of candy and is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

To buy, visit Clove at Churchill Chambers on Allana Road in Colaba

Cooking Class
Are you sick of eating out every other night? How about treat yourself and your partner to a cookery class where you can learn how to get to each other’s hearts, via the tummy! Anjali Pathak’s Flavour Diaries offers all kinds of cuisines and dishes that you can learn to make from scratch at her gorgeous studio.

Cotton Sleepwear

Dandelion Pyjamas are a no-brainer when it comes to gifting! You can personalise your cotton nightwear with fun prints, designs and silhouettes based on who are you giving the pyjamas too. The comfy, playful sleepwear makes great gifts for your friends, family and even kids! Gift your loved ones the comfort and joy of high-quality Cotton Sleepwear and they’ll be having the sweetest dreams.

Shop online at https://www.dandeliondreams.co/

The most important thing to remember is that it’s the thought that counts, so in our eyes, the best way to tell someone you love them is to let them know with your actions and words. This Valentine’s Day let’s take a moment to find ways to let those closest to us know that we love and care for them and that they are truly appreciated! However, we aren’t saying a gift won’t sweeten the deal :D