Best Gifts for Your Dad This Father’s Day

We doubt that we are the only ones who believe that dads really get shafted when it comhes to major holidays. Mother’s Day is always surrounded by lots of hype and excitement whereas Father’s Day somehow doesn’t get the same attention. We hate anything that is unfair and know that dads deserve just as much love, attention and gifts as moms! This year for Father’s Day why not show him just how much you love him with an entire day devoted to him. We started thinking about all the different kinds of things dads love and here are some ideas on how to wow daddy dearest.

If your dad is a sports fan, why not book tickets to a sporting event or even head out to hit a few balls or shoot some hoops with him? This year Father’s Day falls on June 16th which is also when India and Pakistan battle it out at the World Cup so you could organize a fun viewing party with your dad where you hang out in the comfiest pyjamas, binge on junk food and watch the match together!

It’s always so hard to pick out gifts for dads because they seem to have everything and really ask for nothing. If this is the case in your family as well, we suggest checking out our amazing range of menswear which includes pyjamas, shorts and more so that dad can feel and look his best at bedtime! With his new Dandelion pyjamas, he can relax in style every day of the year.

There is nothing more special to any parent than having their children simply spend time with them. This Father’s Day, you could take dad to the cinema to watch the kind of movie he loves, treat him to a delicious meal and then come home to just hang out in your favourite pyjamas and chat. The older we get, the less quality time we spend with our parents and this is a great opportunity to change that. Even when we do spend time together, it ends up being at family dinners and large gatherings where we aren’t able to really connect and focus. Give your father the best gift of all this Father’s Day, your love and attention!