Dandelion Loves House of MISU

Dandelion Loves House of MISU


Stylists, digital influencers and tastemakers; Mitali Sagar and Summiyaa Patni are known around the country as House of MISU. A culmination of two best friends and their passions and dreams, these two savvy ladies have their hands in everything from fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel, to food and design. We chat with the girls to learn a little bit more about what makes them so unique.



When did you first realize that there was potential to become an ‘influencer’ via social media?


MI- When I was in college in the US and started following all the international influences. 


How have things changed from when you started out compared with today when it comes to social media and the influence it has on consumers?


The Indian market has become more open to the concept of digital marketing and a lot more brands are keeping budgets specifically for this purpose. Consumers are also more willing to get their updates and advise from influencers versus magazines and celebrities.


What are your thoughts on the fashion space in India at the moment? What are the big trends you’re seeing?


There are aspects of the Indian fashion circuit that we are always unsure of, such as the obsession with Bollywood celebrities, even though they have nothing to do with true fashion. We do appreciate that magazines are now giving covers out to non-Bollywood female icons though.


How has your audience and customer changed over the past few years? Who is your audience mainly?


Our audience grows with us in a way. Our audience is mostly between the ages of 24 and 35, with and interest in luxury and the power to indulge in it. They are in many ways like us, aspirational and worldly. 


How do you stay connected to your fans and followers?


We try to answer every DM and comment query directed to us. When something big happens in our lives, we share our journey in the hopes to inspire and empower our followers. 


How do you disconnect when you want to?


We will let you know when we figure it out! 


How would you define your sense of style?

MI - temperamental, it's as fluid as my mood but I am partial to unique pieces and comfy styles. 

SU- ever changing with my mood. It takes me some time to try something totally new or crazy but eventually I do an experiment. 


What is your sleep routine?


MI- I am the world's lightest sleeper so I take pains to create the most comfortable and calm environment for myself. I read every night before bed and make sure to wear my comfy Dandelion jammies. 

SU- I always watch something before bed, wear cosy, cotton Dandelion jammies and that does the trick. 


Rapid Fire Questions


Favourite city in the world? 

MI- Florence and Rome 

SU - Cape town 


First thing you do in the morning?

MI- I check my phone 

SU- I check my phone 


Last thing you do before you sleep?

MI- I read 

SU- I watch something 


Favourite restaurant in Bombay?




Sweet or savoury?

MI- Savoury 

SU- Sweet 


One bad habit you have?

MI- I cannot remember names

SU- I never remember to drink water