Dandelion Loves : Rakshita

Dandelion Loves: Rakshita
Rakshitha Harimurthy has been making waves and at age 21, is taking over the modelling industry. She was first seen when she debuted as a Femina Miss India finalist in 2015 and has since been nominated by the Times of India as one of the most desirable women. For three years in a row no less! We catch up with this fresh face for our latest series of Dandelion Loves.
Tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you start modelling?
Since the age of 16, I was always intrigued by the way models carried themselves with assertiveness and confidence. It was actually my father who really inspired me as he was a model himself while growing up. He won the title of Mister Medico and ever since then, I’d wanted to follow in his footsteps.
The Times of India has nominated you as the most desirable woman for three years in a row, what does that mean to you?
It’s such an honour to be nominated once, I can’t believe it’s happened three times. It’s always nice to be recognized for the hard work you put in and gives me the confidence to believe that anything is possible.
What do you do in your spare time?
During my spare time, I like to listen to music which helps me relax and ease my mind from my daily routine, while wearing my favourite Dandelion PJs of course! I am also a food enthusiast as I like to try different types of cuisines when I get days off. 
What is your sleep routine like?
My sleep routine consists of cleansing my face before I go to sleep every night. I believe in using a face wash that helps deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Then, I put on face lotion or coconut oil as moisturizer to help hydrate my skin before I go to sleep. 
How do you stay healthy and fit?
For me staying healthy mentally and physically is a key component in having good skin and a fit body. I mediate once a day when I wake up and then hit the gym. More importantly I watch what I put in my body. My diet is quite healthy and wholesome and includes drinking tons of water every day!
What’s your ideal Sunday?
My ideal Sunday consists of sleeping in before the busy week starts. Perhaps I’d roll out of bed and go out to meet my friends and family. I really like just lazing and hanging out rather than making big, elaborate plans.
Do you love or hate the monsoon? What is your favourite thing to do while it’s pouring outside?
I’ll be honest, the monsoon is not my favourite time of the year. I feel really restricted when it comes to doing things outdoors and the overall mood is quite gloomy. I think my favourite part of the monsoon is to get into bed with a fresh pair of crisp, cotton pyjamas, a bowl of hot chicken soup and a good movie.
Rapid Fire Questions:
Early bird or night owl?
Early bird
Favourite place in the world to visit?
Favourite kind of cuisine?
South Indian
Describe your personality in three words
Fun, lively, energetic
Last good movie you saw?
First thing you do when you wake up
Drink a glass of water
Last thing you do before you go to sleep
Take a hot shower and jump into my Dandelion pyjamas!