Happy Holidays with Dandelion

Happy Holidays with Dandelion


Each year, we look forward to the weather cooling down as festive spirits shoot up! Diwali often signals the start of party season and this goes on till the new year. December brings it with the promise of cool breezes, Christmas cheer and of course holiday spirit. To get things going, we decided to create a series of prints that represent exactly what the holidays mean to us. Read on to check them out!



Poodle: Who doesn’t love puppies, especially when they are this cuddly! Our 100% cotton Poodle Pyjamas are perfect for dog lovers who want to bring their pets to bed with them, but for some reason, can’t. Customize these pyjamas to your specifications for a dog-tastic time.


Unicorn: If 2018 taught us anything, it’s that unicorns are still everyone’s favourite mythical creature. Christmas is all about celebration and magic which is exactly what these beautiful animals bring us. 


Stilettos: December means Christmas but it also means party season which is why we had to incorporate our favourite accessory for the month into a pair of comfy, Dandelion pyjamas. No matter where you plan to party this December, we know we won’t find you without your favourite dancing shoes!


Confetti: Nothing says party like a sprinkling of multi-coloured confetti! These pyjamas work just as well for birthdays and special celebrations as they do for the holiday season. We have to say that when it comes to gifting, this pair tops our list because it shows that you’re celebrating the person while wanting them to be super comfy and cozy!


Reindeer: Now, we know we live pretty far away from the North Pole but that doesn’t mean Santa isn’t going to visit us! We’re excited for elves, Santa Claus, his sleigh and of course, his trust reindeer. Which is why we created this playful print- to help bring a taste of Christmas into your home.


Strawberry: Everyone in Mumbai knows that December means strawberry season, and who doesn’t love that! Sweet, juicy and super versatile, whether it’s a milkshake, cake, ice cream or pudding; strawberries are best when eaten in season. The only thing that could make them even sweeter is munching on these beauties while in a pair of customized, strawberry print Dandelion pyjamas!


Candy Stripe: What are you hoping to find in your Christmas stocking this year? A new book, a favourite bottle of wine or maybe some yummy candy canes? How about a pair of pyjamas that will have you feeling as fresh as this cute candy? We love this pair for their elegance and simplicity and hope you will as well.


Penguins : Penguins are the cutest and most cuddly winter animal ! So of course , we had to include them in our list of holiday prints . Though they live only in the South Pole , it’s nice to get a taste of winter while staying cozy !