New Collection: Daydream

Our latest collection is an edit of everything we dream about, from clear blue skies and warm, sun-kissed days to seashells and polka dot prints. Drawing inspiration from our brightest daydreams, this is a collection that will take from wherever you are to a lighter, happier mood. Each print has been created to remind you of things you love which include hanging by the beach on a summer holiday or kicking the ball around in grassy fields as a child. Each memory is one that we often dream about as they bring about such soft, pleasant feelings. So embrace the daydream and let your thoughts float away as you fall into our latest collection of playful, happy prints.

We’ve chosen a range of cooling hues such as coral, baby yellow, mint green and white to create a feeling of calm and tranquility no matter what the weather outdoors. Our pieces are perfect for even the hottest nights as they’re made of lightweight, breathable and crisp cotton that helps your body rest while cooling down. Each bespoke print is tinged with romance and whimsy, channeling that summer spirit that we always dream about. Days can be busy and sometimes hectic, but you must never forget to daydream- if only for a minute!

You will find these prints in all our signature designs from full-sleeved jammies to flirty camisole dresses, giving you pyjamas for every mood. If you’re prone to feeling a little chilly or want to laze around the house, throw on a robe to set the tone. If you’re planning a summer soujourn this year, we recommend taking at least a couple sets of pyjamas to make sure you get a good night’s rest, wherever you are I the world. Our pastel colours are great for holidays and the fun prints will always remind you to keep your head in the clouds.

We handmake all our pieces and customize them to your specifications so that you always feel special when you put on a pair of Dandelion pyjamas. Made with 100% cotton, our garments will never shrink or fade so that you can wear your pyjamas for years to come. So, the next time you find yourself getting lost in day dreams, why not check out our Daydream collection for a pair of pjs that will be perfect for you?