New Year’s Resolutions You Will Actually Keep!

It’s almost mid-January and most of us have forgotten all the resolutions we enthusiastically penned down only a few weeks ago. The 1st of January always comes with a renewed sense of commitment and desire for change however, that slowly fades into the background when you get back to reality after the holidays and binge eating of December! This year, we asked some of our team members what they had resolved to do and since most of them agreed that these resolutions seemed too mammoth to stick to, we’ve created a “Resolutions 101” version if you may. These are resolutions that you will actually keep and will help you achieve your goal of becoming your best self.

Ideal resolution: Work out every morning before work

Real resolution: Do 30 minutes of something thrice a week

Trying to go from couch potato to gym junkie is not easy, trust us, we’ve tried. However, there are so many amazing classes and alternative workouts to choose from, getting fit doesn’t need to involve a gym membership. If you can find one or two workouts that you enjoy, whether it’s yoga, pilates, taking a walk or playing football, try to squeeze in at least 30 minutes only three days a week. From there, you can start to increase your frequency and by the end of the year we’re sure you’ll be getting your heart rate up daily!

Ideal resolution: Eat healthier

Real resolution: One cheat day a week

Most of us try to eat better on a daily basis but then you’re faced with office parties, friend’s birthdays, weddings and family dinners, it becomes impossible to stick to any one diet! Rather than focusing on eliminating food groups out of your life completely, why not give yourself one day a week where you can eat whatever your heart desires? But this means that Monday to Saturday you must behave yourself! You can even start with two cheat days and then slowly cut this down to one.

Ideal resolution: Sleep at 11pm every night

Real resolution: Improve your sleep quality

We know that getting enough sleep is one of those luxuries most of us can’t afford. Between waking up early for work or binge watching Stranger Things, we find that most people are not getting the required 7-8 hours of shut eye. If you really find that you can’t get to bed at a reasonable hour, why not improve the quality of your sleep? This includes introducing sleep rituals into your life like having a hot cup of lemon water, taking a bath, wearing your favourite Dandelion PJs or reading a few pages of a book. Then remove all blue screens from your bedside and leave your curtains slightly open. These will help you sleep more naturally and lead to you feeling more rested and alert when you wake up.

Ideal resolution: Be a better human

Real resolution: Do one nice thing a day

We know that trying to become a better human seems excessive but there were so many people who listed this as something they want to do in 2018. We agree that it’s a great thought but without being quantifiable, you’re going to find it tough to measure your progress. Why not start with baby steps and agree to do one nice thing every day. You can write each of these down and slowly it will become natural for you to help someone with their bags, open the door for a stranger or offer someone your seat on the train.