Our Favourite Monsoon Activities

Our Favourite Monsoon Activities

The Mumbai monsoon is officially in full swing and we couldn’t be happier. We love watching the rain fall and thunder boom as we’re tucked away, cozy in our bedrooms, wearing our favourite pair of Dandelion cotton pyjamas of course! Though stepping out can become a hassle, this is still the most beautiful time of year in our eyes. The lush flora and fauna comes to life and everything seems to become a little lazier. We find that during the monsoon, we take to brewing way more cups of tea than usual along with catching up on all our reading. Here are some of our favourite ways to beat those monsoon blues!


Throwing a Dinner Party

Now that the streets are flooded and Scootsy is running late, we’ve started exploring that hidden corner of our homes, the kitchen! The monsoon is the perfect time to brush up on your cooking skills and invite friends over for a delicious meal served with love. Knowing what goes into your meals is incredible important and by learning a few key recipes, you can save tons of money and work toward a healthier lifestyle. This monsoon, we recommend having a fajita party for your besties. To make this meal even more local, substitute whole wheat chapattis for tortillas and cottage cheese for sour cream. Let your friends make their own fajitas and serve these up with a side of frozen margaritas! Perfect for watching the rain fall.


Yoga at Home

Waking up in the morning to grey skies can be uninspiring but getting yourself moving is the first step to having a brighter day. We’ve gotten very lazy about attending our regular yoga class but have found a ton of amazing videos on YouTube to ensure we aren’t missing our practice. Just search for the kind of class you’d like, our favourite search is ’45 minute vinyasa flow’ and start stretching! The best part about doing a class at home is that you can go at your own pace while still reaping all the benefits of an experienced teacher. Create a little yoga nook for yourself with your laptop, mat and some essential oils and starting churning out those positive vibes.



Adult colouring books are all the rage and we can’t get enough. They not only help you bust stress and relax but we find them super fun as well! The best part is that at the end of your session, you have a piece of our own artwork to admire. This monsoon, pick up a few colouring books and relive your childhood. Tune into your favourite Apple Music radio station or playlist, climb into your comfiest Dandelion pyjamas and start shading. We also love to use markers versus colour pencils for a more saturated look. You can invite friends over for a colouring party or even grab your kit and colour at your favourite coffee shop. Use those monsoon vibes to inspire your inner artist!