Our Pyjamas Will Take You Places

Each print we come up with for our pyjamas is inspired- by a place we visited, a book we read, a person we love or something we’ve seen. This is how we come up with our quirky, unique designs because they all come from a very personal place. For this season, we’ve developed a few fun travel inspired prints that you are sure to love. Check out the print and the destination we took inspiration from for each of them!

Watermelons in Havana

Havana, ooh na na. There’s more than one reason why the word Havana is one everybody’s lips thanks to songstress Camilla Cabello! This city is one of our favourites as we were able to spend a few weeks there last summer. A true postcard stuck in time, parts of Havana are dilapidated and rustic while other parts are remarkably well-preserved (somewhat similar to Mumbai). What we loved most about this city was the people. No matter where you go there is always music, dancing and food. Cubans love to hang out and relax and there is nothing more relaxing that sitting in the sun taking bites out of half a watermelon. We saw a lady doing exactly this on a stoop in Havana which is how we came up with this delicious design.

Clouds in London

London may have some of the worst weather in the world but for us, it’s a second home. Thinking back to the grey, rainy days in the city we came up with fun little clouds as a print for our pyjamas. Though gloomy at times, London is always bustling and buzzing which is what we love about the city. The energy here is electric and the possibilities, endless. There is so much to do and see (and eat) in London that every time we go back, we face new experiences. One thing that remains constant though, is those clouds!

Pineapples in Colombo

Sri Lanka holds a very special place in our heart. We feel like Goa was the getaway of our youth and now that we’re slightly more grown up, Sri Lanka has nagged that spot. Sri Lanka has everything you could ask for from a tropical holiday; stunning beaches, warm hospitality, spicy cuisine and a great, laid back energy. The pineapple has to be the most chilled out of all fruit, if that were a thing and that’s why Sri Lanka means pineapples, and vice versa.

Cameras in Jaipur

When we think of pink, our minds naturally float over to the pinkest city of them all, Jaipur. An incredible mix of Indian heritage and modernity, Jaipur has been a favourite escape for many years now. Be it for a close friend’s wedding or for the Jaipur Literature Festival, there is always so much to do and see in Jaipur, hence the camera. You really can’t walk a metre without finding something to take a picture of which is why we created this print in homage of the pink city.

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