Pets and Sleep

Pets and Sleep

Do you love your doggie more than anything? If your cat your heart and soul? Our four-legged friends can sometimes mean as much if not more to us than our own families, they’re helpless little creatures who look to us for everything. Depending on your relationship with your pet, you may be wondering whether it makes sense to keep your pet in your bedroom or even bed while you sleep. There have been multiple studies done on this topic so we thought we’d share some of the findings with you!



The Pros!


According to the Mayo Clinic, participants who slept with their dogs in the same room were able to maintain a high level of sleep quality. 80% is considered satisfactory and participants in this study reported an average of 83% which is great! However, those who slept with their pups in their own beds reported an average of 80% which is the same quality of sleep you’d get without your dog. Some say that having a furry companion in the room can actually be relaxing and help you sleep better. As long as your dog sleep through the night without getting up and walking around, you can definitely have your pet in your bedroom while you sleep.


Pets are especially helpful for those who suffer from insomnia and anxiety as they provide a calming effect.



The Cons L


Although sharing a bed with your pet can offer a sense of security to both you and your animal, your sleep quality may be compromised. A study done at Queensland University found that those who slept with their pets in their beds, took longer to fall asleep and also woke up a little bit more tired.


Those who suffer from asthma and allergies should also not sleep with their pets in the same bed or even the same room as those health conditions could get aggravated. Vice versa, if your pet suffers from health issues then it’s better to avoid sleeping with them as these can be easily transferred.



Despite what you might have heard, sleeping with your pet should not lead to any behavioural issue and is more a question of two things. Firstly, do you and your pet share the same sleep schedule? If not, you may have to wake up in the middle of the night or earlier than you usually do. Secondly, does it make you feel more comfortable and do you have a better quality sleep when you sleep with your pet? If this is true, then you should definitely cuddle up with your animal at bedtime!


Of course, don’t forget to put on your Dandelion pyjamas first.