Step In To Spring With Fresh Pyjama Prints

Spring is a time of freshness, renewal and cleaning up. This is when winter starts to recede and the sparks of summer come shining through. It’s the perfect time of year to laze with the window opens, letting the sun kiss your skin and the curtains flutter in the wind. We love choosing a new pair of pyjamas and we’ve got a whole new collection for spring! Check out these fun, playful prints and the inspiration behind each one.


This one is pretty obvious! Spring is all about regeneration and regrowth and what story is about transformation more than the one of the caterpillar. A green, unattractive little slug cocoons itself and goes to sleep, only to emerge as a beautiful butterfly. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this technique applied to humans as well? It would give a new meaning to the term beauty sleep.


Pandas are the cuddliest and silliest animals the internet has ever seen. We were scrolling through our Instagram feed a few weeks ago and came across some hilarious panda videos after which we were hooked! They act like toddlers who constantly fall down and roll over each other, creating chaos wherever they go. It is this carefree spirit that we wanted to capture with this pyjama print!


When you think of sleeping, the idea of floating comes to mind. Floating through blue skies, passing through clouds and flocks of birds. However, in reality, we would only imagine doing this while attached to a parachute that protects us and makes that landing much softer! Choose this print for when you want to dream big, but with a safety net.


This one is quite self-explanatory, especially for those who have trouble sleeping. Counting sheep is an old wives’ tale when it comes to strategies for falling asleep. Although we can’t testify to how well this works, we can all agree that these sheep sure do look cute, even if they won’t help you fall asleep.


If you’re the kind of person who always has their head in the clouds and is fascinated by the world beyond the skies, then this pyjama print is perfect for you. Inspired by space travel, this print is there to remind us that there is so much more than just our world. We are only a speck in the larger spectrum, and sometimes it’s important to remember that.


Spring for us means sunshine, and so we had to create the sunniest set of pyjamas possible! These striped lemon pyjamas are made of 100% pure cotton and can be customised to any style you like. Whether you want a night shirt, shorts and a shirt or a pair of long pyjamas, you can have it all in this sunny shade of yellow!


Not all pyjamas have to evoke images of cute and cuddly creatures, some of them are more based in reality. Now you don’t have to be a whiz with the toolkit to wear this pair of comfy cotton pyjamas but it helps to know the difference between a wrench and a hammer!