Veere di Wedding Collection: Part 1

Veere di Wedding is this year’s most anticipated film. Featuring an all-female, all-star cast and tacking issues of equality, traditions, sex and friendship we can’t wait for opening night! When the team behind the movie approached us to design pyjamas for each leading lady, we couldn’t contain ourselves. We immediately dove into each character to try and figure out what style and bespoke print would work best for them.

Veere Di Wedding

Kareena Kapoor Khan as Kalindi

Kalindi is a free-spirited, creative woman who it seems is going to be getting married in this film. She is unaware and carefree with a light spirit who looks good in basically anything she wears, no suprises there! Rather than having overly fussy personal style, Kalindi leans toward a more off-beat and timeless aesthetic. This is why we created a quirky, bright stationary print pyjama set. The stationary resonates with the character’s creativity while the colour white reflects her elegance and casual style. As a second set of pyjamas, we create a simple, Navy Notched Collar Pyjama set for Kalindi which we think looks incredible with her skin tone and is one of the few traditional and classic pieces she wears in the movie.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

 Kareena Kapoor Khan

Sonam Kapoor as Avni
Sonam plays a hardworking lawyer who has been hardened by years of disappointments. She is naturally sexy and chic though is somehow battling the hopeless romantic inside her as her practicality leads her decisions. Never shabby, Avni is always incredibly well put together. You won’t find any mismatched socks in her wardrobe! As a girl, Avni believed in fairy tales but as grew older, the grim reality of life kicked in and she worked hard for what she wanted and got exactly that. For Sonam we designed a special Pink Henley pyjama set where the pink was used to call out to her inner romantic and the simple, sophisticated design would appeal to the lawyer in her.
 Sonam Kapoor

Swara Bhaskar as Sakshi

Swara Bhasker plays the quintessential rich, Delhi girl who loves her flashy, shiny accessories and loud, vivacious fashion. She is impulsive and spontaneous and has a wild sense of fashion. Some of her fashion choices may not make sense but they are certainly unforgettable. She is a bold risk-taker whose life centres around vodka, poker and parties! This is exactly why we created a pyjama set adorned with funky martini glasses. As stubborn and defiant as Sakshi is, she still has a heart of gold and is always there when her friends need her.

Swara Bhaskar


We can’t wait to see our creations on the big screen so don’t miss Veere di Wedding which releases on 1st June!