What To Do At Home During The Monsoon

Love it or hate it, there is still a way to go when it comes to the rainy season. The monsoon usually lasts till at least the end of August and often extends to September and October which gives us quite a lot of motivation to spend more time indoors! We don’t know about you but getting caught in puddles is not our idea of a fun afternoon. If you’re feeling like us and are now completely caught up with everything Netflix has to offer, you might be struggling to stay entertained during this season. We figured we would share some of the things we’ve found can make the monsoon season look pretty good, especially from indoors!


If you think that the rain is going to stop us from getting our daily endorphins, then you must be mistaken. Even if your usual park or workout area is waterlogged, there are so many great online videos and workouts available. And guess that, they’re completely free. Some of our favourites are PopSugar for high intensity and Pilates style workouts while Heart Alchemy has really nice vinyasa flow yoga classes. All you usually need is a mat and maybe a few light weights, though lots of videos are completely equipment free as well. Use these months to focus on yourself and get fit!

Learn Something New

Think about how much time you spend scrolling through Instagram to checking Facebook. Now imagine if you could devote all those hours to upskilling yourself in something you’re already interested in or learning something completely new. With the amount of information available online, it’s possible to take university style courses on portals like Coursera and get taught by some of the best teachers in the world for free! You can learn anything from a new language to health sciences. There are so many amazing resources available, we might as well make use of them. The best part about this is that you can go to virtual classes while wearing your favourite Dandelion cotton pyjamas!

Start Cooking

If you aren’t already spending some time in the kitchen, now could be the perfect excuse to channel your inner masterchef! You can ask your family or house help to teach you the basics and then find recipes online for your favourite dishes. If you don’t have anyone to ask you can explore YouTube and find a video from one of the thousands of food bloggers and chefs who teach online. Being able to cook for yourself is a great skill that will really help you through your life, plus you won’t have to depend on all those food delivery apps anymore!

Eleanor Roosevalt once said, “never be bored and you will never be boring” which we couldn’t agree more with. Though the monsoon can get quite grey and depressing, there is always a silver lining. Use this time to spend time learning something new or focusing on the things you love to create magic from your own home!