What Your Dreams Really Mean

Dreams are one of those things that we don’t know much about but all experience almost daily. There are many ideas and myths around what dreams mean; whether it’s your subconscious trying to tell you something or your body’s way of dealing with what you’re going through. Even if you don’t remember a single dream, most humans spend 1.5-3 hours a night dreaming! Sometimes your dreams are obvious and straightforward and at other times they can be confusing and worrying. There is no definitive explanation for what your dream means but there are some themes that cut across ages, cultures and backgrounds that we’re going to explain to you.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Interestingly, one of the most common elements to crop up in dreams in a vehicle of some sort. This could be you driving a car, going on a cruise or waiting in line to board an aircraft. Pay attention not to the actual vehicle but to where you are going. Vehicles are a very obvious way for us to understand movement and progress, try to remember where you were going in your dream and what the process of getting there was like. This could shed light on what you feel about your current position in life.

Being Chased

Stress dreams like being chased can leave a lasting impression on us. This is one of the most commonly reported dreams that people have and can be linked to almost anything going on in your life. Being chased could mean that you’re anxious about a fast approaching deadline, that you think someone is trying to close in on your or entrap you or that you’re running away from a problem. It’s important to remember who or what is chasing you because this can point out what issues or problems you’re running away from. Also think about whether you are running toward something, this could point out places you find comforting or safe.


Not Being Able To Move

When you are dreaming, your body actually goes through some version of paralysis which makes it difficult or impossible for you to move. This also means that you aren’t able to perform the actions that you’re dreaming of, which makes this a protective mechanism of sorts. However, if you dream that you are paralysed this could indicate that you feel paralysed in your life and unable to take control.


Teeth Falling Out

This has to be one of the most talked about dreams that people have, with various experts believing your teeth falling out could mean various things. The most common view point is that you are afraid of something. Teeth represent power so if you see your teeth leaving you, it could mean that you are losing control of a situation or losing something valuable to you, like a friend. According to some experts,losing your teeth could mean that something has literally fallen out of your mouth- like a secret.


Showing Up Somewhere Naked

Have you ever dreamt that you have to make it to an important work meeting and show up on time, but completely naked? This is another common theme that cuts across dreams and is also a kind of stress dream. Being naked, naturally means that you are feeling vulnerable and open. However, finding yourself vulnerable in a stressful or inappropriate situation like the office could mean you’re feeling anxious about something.


Dream interpretation is anything but straightforward and the same dream can mean different things for different people. The best way to try to understand what your dreams mean is to identify larger themes like stress, happiness or anxiety and then connect them to what’s going on in your life. Happy dreaming!