We all know that the way we dress can say a lot about our personality but what about how you sleep? Some of us throw on an old boyfriend’s t-shirt (he’s never getting that back btw) or a luxurious pair of silk pyjamas, we each have our own style. But have you ever thought about how what’s under the sheets could give you insight in to your personality? Here’s how we’ve decoded what your sleepwear says about you!

Old T-Shirt

If you’re wearing an oversized t-shirt to bed, you’re actually not a slob- let’s clear that out first! There is really nothing sexier than a woman wearing a man’s t-shirt exposing just the right amount of leg. What really matters here is the kind of t-shirt you’re wearing. Most often these t-shirts are either ones you picked up from a friend, from an ex, from a concert or something that holds deep memories. You definitely pride comfort over all else but also have a hankering for yesteryear.


Now we aren’t saying that this isn’t sexy but sex appeal is not your first concern when it comes to sleepwear. You love tradition and often dream about a simpler time when love meant traversing windswept moors and climbing up turreted castles. You enjoy a traditional English breakfast and can’t live without your cup of Early Grey. You are always wrapped up in a book, Jane Austen is a big influence in your life and you dream about romance with just the right amount of drama.

Sexy Teddy

If you’re sleeping in a sexy, silk baby doll set; one thing’s for sure- you’re not sleeping alone! You are confident, sensual and love to show off your curves. You spend more on lingerie than you do on lunch and you love the fact that underneath your corporate wardrobe, you’ve got something spicy going on. You don’t need to read 50 Shades of Grey because you could probably give them tips on how to ignite things even further.

Matching PJs

Call us suckers for a pair of crisp, cotton pyjamas but I mean, there really is nothing better than sliding under the covers enveloped in your favourite pair of (Dandelion) pyjamas. You enjoy order and organization and never snooze your alarm more than once (or twice on a Monday). You enjoy colour, print and design and have a keen eye for fashion. You aren’t a huge risk taker, enjoy making lists and ensuring you get your eight hours of sleep every night.

With you, anything goes. The thought of clothes while you sleep just seems so unnecessary, we were born in the nude so why not sleep this way either? Needless to say, you don’t have pesky roommates or parents who are apt to walk in to your room without more than a half knock and you love rolling around in bed just lazing languidly. You are comfortable in your own skin and would go to work naked if it wasn’t severely frowned upon. You know what you want and are ready to grab life by the horns!