Aurelia Cutlery Set : Set of 3

₹ 2500
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Product Description:

Our exclusive Aurelia Cutlery Set in a bright gold hue comes with a lustrous finish. Use these elegant and timeless spoons, forks & knives as elevated flatware on your tables.

This Aurelia Cutlery Set is definitely must have for all your evening soirées and dinner with friends. Layer these spoons, forks & knives with easy, neutral hued ceramic plates and bowls, adding everyday ease, texture and colour to your existing table set ups. Pair them up with our exclusive embroidered napkins and placemats from Summer Sonnet to elevate their look!

Product Details:
- Bright gold spoon, fork & knife with a lustrous finish
- Sold as a set of three
Material: Stainless Steel
Colour: Aurelia (Bright Golden)

Product Dimensions:
- Spoon: 187 mm in length
- Fork: 185 mm in length
- Knife: 218 mm in length

Care and Maintenance:

- Dishwasher safe
- Gently scrub with warm water and mild detergent. Please note: using a coarse scrubber can cause damage.

Lead time : 10 Working days to dispatch from warehouse.

Disclaimer : None of the accessories displayed in the pictures are shipped with the product and are purely for decorative purposes only. We do not accept exchanges or returns on these items.


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