Blush Cotton Midi Kaftan Dress

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Against a backdrop of pastel pink, 'Blush' paints a picture of urban tranquility and natural beauty. Toucans flit amidst the foliage, their vibrant plumage a striking contrast to the soft hues of the cityscape. This print invites you to embrace the serenity of nature within the urban jungle, infusing your wardrobe with a sense of calm and grace. Slip into effortless elegance with our Midi Kaftan Dress. Crafted to caress your silhouette with its flowing fabric and flattering length, this versatile piece transitions seamlessly from poolside lounging to evening soirees, ensuring you radiate sophistication wherever you go.

Fabrication100% Pure Cotton

Wash Care instructions : Machine Wash. Tumble Dry. Medium Iron

Fit Tip: The model is 5’4” and is wearing a size XS.

Lead time: 4-5 days to dispatch from warehouse.

Disclaimer: None of the accessories displayed in the pictures are shipped with the product and are purely for decorative purposes only. We do not accept exchanges or returns on these items.

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