Cosy On Cloud 9

We all have our safe spaces. For someone this could be under her covers as she listens to raindrops hit the windowpane while for another it could be cuddled on the sofa with a favourite book and drink. For us, our comfort comes more from how we feel than where we are and we feel best when we’re wearing a pair of Dandelion’s 100% cotton pyjamas. Our newest collection, Cosy on Cloud 9, aims to bring you this exact feeling. One of comfort, relaxation, calm and happiness in the form of the cosiest, softest pyjamas you’ve ever put on. What’s more, we’ve developed a range of playful, colourful prints that will enhance your mood and make you feel like you’re living on cloud 9!

Our new collection whisks us away to celebrate those little moments where we’re blissfully unaware and just enjoying being with ourselves. The range features a delicate palette of lazy blues, stormy greys and a touch of colour to match your mood. You can mix and match pieces to create a look that is completely your own because no matter what you choose to wear, you will always feel great. We believe that being yourself is the greatest gift in the world so embrace your personality and every mood you feel while laying back and watching the world go by. Our dusky palate is perfect for endless dreamy days where our playful prints will uplift your spirits and make you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud.

Every season has a mood and the monsoon is most definitely one of our favourites. The sombre shades of grey and light patter of raindrops has inspired this collection and includes unique, bespoke prints. Choose from bright clouds and funky polka dots to enjoy the rainy season in style. Whether you’re wearing our comfy pyjamas, relaxed shorts or feminine camisole dresses, you will find a new love for bedtime! We also have robes and separate pieces for men so that no one feels left out. This collection is a lazy girl’s dream come true! Our 100% cotton sleepwear will have you snuggled up on cloud 9 where all dreams really do come true.