Dandelion Loves Andrea

Andrea Brown Cheung grew up in Las Vegas and moved to India almost a decade ago. She has worked her way through the hospitality space and is now teammates with her husband Chef Kelvin Cheung at their (first) baby, Bastian. We catch up with this powerhouse to learn more about her and what she does!


Dandelion loves Andrea


Tell us about your journey when it comes to food and hospitality?


I’ve always loved food and I’ve been in the hospitality space in one way or another since I was 16 when I started as a hostess at a restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip. Over the years, I was a busser, server, and bartender at different times in Las Vegas. This gave me a huge understanding of front of the house and operations.


My current role is Head of Marketing and Communications, but you’ll frequently see me working the floor, picking up calls and dirty dishes, and even on occasion expediting in the kitchen. I worked up until the day I went into labour and was back on emails that night. I really love what I do.


When it comes to the way you live your life, what philosophies or thinking do you believe in?


Live in the moment. Every phase - even the hardest - is oh- so - beautiful. Be kind. And drink lots of water.


Dandelion loves Andrea




How did becoming a mother change your perspective on life and the way we treat our bodies?


I’ve lost all modesty. I used to be very funny about showing body parts, but now, if you’re around me it’s likely I’m missing at least one article of clothing or nursing in public without a cover. Women’s bodies are magical. It’s amazing that we can shapeshift like we do. I’ve always been into health from a physical standpoint but I’ve never been more comfortable in my body as I am now - even with all the changes. I have a deep appreciation for all that it provides, and it’s only now clicked that the way we treat our bodies is not just a physical thing but also the way we think about them from a mental and emotional standpoint as well.  


What does a day in your life look like?


We have a glorious wake up to baby coos and grunts at 7am every morning. I was aiming for 8:30, but that baby biorhythm is strong! It’s feeding, facetiming with grandma while I stretch and pump, playing and napping until about noon when I make it into the office with Bodhi in tow. We arrive home around 7pm where Kelvin and I switch off between trying to sneak in a quick workout (ha!) before Kelvin heads back to work at 8:30pm and I get Bodhi ready for bed which is a loooong process. I try to sneak in as much prep and additional work as I can before I go to bed, and sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Parenthood is a whole new ball game and I’m living in and totally loving my baby bubble.


Dandelion loves Andrea

What do you eat in a day?


Unfortunately (or fortunately), cookies play a huge role in my diet lately! Luckily the rest of my diet has been taken care of by the Whole and then Some team and Bastian team who pack my daily meals. Since Bodhi has a few tummy sensitivities we have stuck to the same meals every day since he was about two weeks old so if I change my diet at all we will know what affects his belly.


So, every day I eat the vegan Tahini Bodhi Bowl, the Fall Salad with roasted chicken (both from Bastian lunch menu), zoodles with a protein and whole30 marinara, and a chia seed bowl with berries and protein granola. Usually six keto cookies as well or two cherry Larabars. You need extra calories when breastfeeding and postpartum for recovery and quality milk so I’m taking advantage and eating IT ALL.


Your go-to 15-minute meals?


Eggs. Also, a bit random but zucchini, yellow squash and cinnamon stir fried with a sunny side up egg and nutritional yeast on top.


Tell us about what the Dandelion pyjamas you’re wearing.


I'm wearing two navy blue sets that are gender neutral from the Lazy Blues Collection that are able to be worn in any combination. I love mixing and matching so this is perfect! It's all in the details at Dandelion - while Kelvin and I wore the same lightbulb print - mine had an added touch of femininity with a small scalloped border added on the pocket. Since both sets were custom made to accommodate 39-week pregnant belly, it was difficult to tell our shirts apart without this added touch! I still wear my pyjamas all the time as they're super breastfeeding friendly and super breathable when holding a baby close to my chest for hours at a time. 


What appeals to you most about Dandelion?


What I love about Dandelion is that all the pyjamas are handmade and a custom fit at such an approachable price point. Having the perfectly tailored fit makes me feel like I can wear pyjamas out if I really needed to. They're that chic! 


What is your sleep routine?


My sleep routine was very, very different pre-baby! Now I put Bodhi down, change into my pjs, do my breathing exercises, facial routine (try to fit in a quick oil massage with neem and sweet almond), pump while eating a chia seed bowl and chugging a big glass of water, drink a Cup of Calm (a relaxing, organic, herbal tea) and reflect on the day.


Dandelion loves Andrea


Rapid Fire Questions


One dish you could eat every day?

I literally eat the same thing every day since giving birth - the Tahini Bodhi Bowl from the Bastian lunch menu. If I could, then the gunpowder mini idlis soaked in ghee from Dakshinayan.


Favourite restaurant in Bombay?

Apart from ours? Dakshinayan, hands down.


What do you miss most about home?

The outdoors.


Sweet or savoury?

Kettle Corn! Both.


How do you stay fit?

Baby wearing. Walking. Yoga.


First thing you do in the morning?

Facetime with my mother while I drink a litre of water and a cup of black coffee from Koinonia Coffee Roasters


Last thing you do before you sleep?

Drink a Cup of Calm while I count my blessings