Welcome Winter with our Flannel Collection!

There are some people who cannot deal with the cold, no matter how warm they are indoors. Whereas others really enjoy the crisp, chilly season. We definitely fall into the latter category but have definitely been found guilty of enjoying winter from the comfort of our bed and flannel Dandelion pyjamas! Check out our newest, winter-friendliest collection today.


When it’s cold and grey outside, we wanted to remind you about how much fun life can be with this playful carnival print. Featuring little monkeys and elephants getting up to all kinds of mischief, these pyjamas are perfect for when you want to bring out your inner child.

Under The Sea

‘Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter take it from me!’ We love dreaming about what goes on underwater and this navy and turquoise print truly ignites your imagination. These pyjamas are for the girl who is dreaming of deep sea diving while watching the snow fall outside.



Sticking to our beachy theme, these little crabs are really adorable! The bright orange crabs dance across a subtle, grey background making these pyjamas ideal for when you want to bring a little colour to those winter blues.


For our flannel collection, we wanted to focus on feminine pastel hues that bring that softness and warmth that we’re all searching for on a winter’s day. This butterfly printed set is for the girly girl in your life whose head is always in the clouds.


Is there anything cuter than a little girl with bows in her hair? We love these lemon yellow pyjamas that are adorned with pretty bows all over. As much as you love the winter, it is nice to have a little bit of sunshine around every now and then!


One of our best-selling prints, these black and white bunnies hop across a lovely landscape of pastel pink. This pair is great to give as a gift and always has the ability to lift our spirits. We love the small print and rosey pink and feel this set will look good on absolutely anyone!



Are you one of those people that gets funny stares sometimes? Do you have a unique and imaginative way of viewing the world? We can sometimes be a little left of centre which is why we created this quirky, mint green print with funny little hedgehogs running around.  


For our flannel collection, we wanted to focus more on colours than on prints which is why these brightly striped pyjamas are one of our favourites. The warm, cozy flannel makes them great for the winter months while the bright stripes will always make it feel like spring!