Dandelion Loves: Ayesha Kapadia

Ayesha Kapadia is a multi-faceted creative genius who we have been lucky enough to chat with for our Dandelion Loves section. Between her roles as Art Director of Komet Juice she also dabbles as an animator, painter, poet, typographer, graphic designer and…juggler? (We aren’t sure about the last one but it seems possible) Her work has been covered by Scroll, GoodHomes, RollingStone India, The Daily Pao, Cosmopolitan India, Red Bull and Mid-Day. She has also joined Dandelion and Clove as part of the creative team and we couldn’t be more thrilled, here’s your (and our) chance to learn a little bit more about her!



Tell us about your journey with design so far.

Art and making things is second nature to me. It’s the only way I know how to be. Art school introduced me to the world of typography, Bauhaus and Andy Warhol and it all just felt like home. Right after graduating, an advertising agency hired me to work with them as an art director. As a fresher, it was a big deal for me to have skipped the training/visualiser period and have jumped straight into the art director’s role. An art residency at Space118 followed, where I explored and discovered fine art. Soon after, I went on to working as a designer with two social enterprises that stand for craft and women empowerment – Chindi and Okhai, where I explored design solutions with textile waste and traditional Indian methods of textile crafts.

I had also started getting commissioned for a variety of projects like illustrations, short films and art direction for Atmosphere (as seen in the November 2017 issue of the Architectural Digest), Bombay Perfumery (commissioned a set of short films inspired by each fragrance from their collection). Additionally, I was invited to read my poetry at an event by Bombay Perfumery organised at Lekha Washington’s cozy studio, earlier this year.

How did you and Clove become associated and what's the aesthetic you've created for the store?

Samyukta approached me to work with her on a design language for Dandelion and it spilled into Clove over time. For Clove, I come in as the Creative Associate and am part of a really tight team and together, we work towards bringing Samyukta’s vision to life.



What is your design philosophy?

To keep it fresh and honest!

What do you feel about the design space in India, anything we need to look out for?

The design space in India has a long way to go. Having said that we are currently making good headway and the market is big enough for everyone to play in. 

What are your favourite places in Bombay?

Apart from all the British era architectural treasures scattered around the city and the beauty that is the building structure of the Bombay Arts Society, my most favourite place in Bombay is my grandmother's house. I’ve spent most of my formative years in that 100-year-old building with the red clay hexagon tiled flooring and washed out teal walls that hold hand painted portraits of my great grandmother and great grandfather. I’ve stared at their faces for hours wondering what they might have been thinking while they got their portraits painted, because unlike a photograph, a painted portrait gets made over days through various emotions.

What is your sleep routine?

Most nights I’m usually tinkering with certain ideas and thoughts that I want to execute or discuss with my team the next day. And then I plug in my earphones to unwind and wash the day off of me and slip into a deep slumber. 



Rapid Fire

First thing you do in the morning?

I do a quick recap of my dreams and just sit up on my bed for a few moments for myself before I take on the day.

Modern or vintage?

Both! Quirky with a hint of classic.

Favourite restaurant in Bombay?

It’s difficult to have just one favourite but recently I’ve been frequenting Le15 Cafe for the egg waffle and quinoa salad, Bombay Canteen for the cocktails and Kala Ghoda Café for that perfect flat white and snack.

Favourite city to visit?

I absolutely loved my time in Barcelona, especially the gothic quarter; a place where art on the streets is celebrated as much as the art in a museum. I equally enjoyed my time in Mithapur, a small village in Gujarat that sits along a pristine beach and a few lighthouses to its credit.

Your perfect Sunday?

Long afternoon chats with my grandma about life and love and everything in between!

Three people you'd like to invite to dinner, alive or dead?

Andy Warhol, Barack Obama and Alexander McQueen.

Why do you love Dandelion Pyjamas?

What’s not to love! The fabric is so soft and because each pair is tailor made for you, it feels special.