Dandelion Loves: Simone

Simone Khambatta is a mother of one and a half (her second baby is on his or her way!) and the name behind her fashion label Simply Simone. If you have ever met her, you know that she is one ball of positivity and radiance. She lives halfway between Earth and a fairy world where sequins, rainbows and fairies run wild. We caught up with Simone to chat!

Tell us a little bit about your life and how you got into fashion.

I was born and brought up in Dubai and then moved to New York to study at Parsons. I always knew I wanted to do fashion, so I then moved to London, and did a course at London College of Fashion. After this I moved to Bombay. I always knew that I wanted to live here, not sure why but I just knew it.

What would you say your brand Simply Simone reflects about you?

It’s about women who like to stand out, owning the lime light and shining in it without guilt or hesitation. The brand is created and inspired by everything magical, so anything that is surreal or mystical tends to inspire me.

What kind of woman are you designing for?

I’m not designing only for the woman confident enough to stand out but also hope that my clothes are able to bring out that confidence from within women. Many women shy away from colour and sequins, but that’s what we’re about. We’re about being noticed and want women to accept that side of them when they wear our clothes.

How has becoming a mother changed your relationship with your body and yourself?

During my first pregnancy, I gained 29kgs which is unheard of and just crazy. This was a big turning point for me. I was determined to lose the weight after delivering so of course, I needed to change my entire lifestyle. I had to change the way I ate, I had to start respecting and understanding my body in a new way and of course get active. I think that’s what’s helped my second pregnancy so much because though I’ve gained weight, it’s not like the first time. I’ve become a lot more sensible and conscious of the choices I’m making.

Rapid Fire Questions

First thing you do in the morning?

Run to wherever my baby is in the house.

Last thing you do at night?

Unfortunately, probably check Instagram.

Favourite cuisine?

Anything Asian- Thai, Japanese, Chinese- I love it all.

Favourite book?

Anything about the universe and how to leverage its energy.

Favourite travel destination in the world?

A very hard one to choose but I think it would have to be any place where I can be by the ocean. I love being close to nature and that’s where you’ll find me.

Three words to describe yourself?

Positive, confident and magical.