Let’s Detox: Why Choose Organic

Many of us have seen organic versions of our favourite foods sitting beside each other on supermarket shelves, or heard friends regaling the benefits of their latest organic moisturizer or shampoo. But what is the truth behind organic products and what are their benefits, if any?

Organic products can cost up to twice as much as their less-trendy cousins which makes one wonder what all the fuss is about. If you think about the word organic, it really means living matter. However, if we look at organic food, the word organic refers to the processes used to farm those foods. Organic foods don’t use synthetic fertilisers, use minimal synthetic pesticides, are not genetically engineered and don’t use antibiotics or growth hormones. Studies have found that organic foods are actually healthier and taste better. They have a higher density of nutrients and retain more vitamins and minerals that foods that have been chemically grown.

If you’re looking to detox both your internal and external body of chemicals, then turning to organic makeup and skincare products is a great solution. These products are eco-friendly and don’t use hard chemicals or substances that may harm your skin. These natural compounds like cocoa butter are more easily absorbed by the skin and give you a youthful glow due to the rich nutritional content.

Organic cotton is another choice you can make to move toward a more detoxified and healthier lifestyle. Conventionally grown cotton is one of the most water and chemical intensive processes in the world. These chemicals can then seep into the region’s groundwater and have adverse effects on the environment and communities who live there. By choosing to wear organic cotton you are not only creating a more positive space around you, but also eliminating toxins and chemicals from your immediate surroundings.

When it comes to ways to detox your life, there is much more you can think about beyond organic products. Think of reducing the amount of time you spend on activities that don’t add joy to your life such as being on your phone or gossiping. You can also change the way you start your day, perhaps waking up to 10 minutes of soothing meditation before you take on the world. You can start working on the way you think and behave, to inculcate a more optimistic and self-aware outlook within yourself. The idea of a detox is a long-term elimination of all those things that don’t make you happy, things that add weight and negativity to your life. By changing our habits in small ways, we can live healthier and happier lives!