How To Make Your Small Space Seem Cozy

We’re on a mission! To cozify all those small spaces that seem claustrophobic and suffocating. So many of us living in big cities around the world have to negotiate with the toss up of having great nightlife, restaurants, jobs and activities at the cost of our space (and sanity!). Living in shoebox apartments is a real problem and we wanted to share a few tips on how to make these more liveable.

Double-Duty Furniture

Multi-functional furniture may sound very boring but when done well, it can be very chic! Think about beds with storage underneath, benches that work as both seating and as a coffee table and a dining table which can work as both your chopping board, workstation and wine-drinking-centre (everyone needs one of these!).

Double-Duty Furniture 

What Makes You Feel Best?

When we think of cozy spaces, each of us conjures up a different image. For some it may be curling up on a large armchair with a good book and cup of coffee while for others it could mean lazing in bed atop 12 pillows. Whatever your definition of cozy is, why not try to create that happy space for yourself? Most of us imagine having to rearrange out entire homes to create a cozy atmosphere but if you’re the armchair type then invest in one chair and give up on a full-sized dining table for example. If you love lying in bed, pick up a few extra pillows and dive in when the rest of the world gets too hectic. Though these aren’t exactly space saving techniques, we feel that the happiness you will derive from that one corner of your home is worth it.

What Makes You Feel Best

Make Beige Your Friend
We all know that white expands a space while darker colours make it feel smaller. Keep your walls a neutral colour and then use these as a canvas for all your dreams and décor. Perhaps you will have one statement colour sofa or piece of art that will uplift your space or else maybe you want to direct attention towards the windows outside of which you’ve hung little fairy lights. Whatever it may be, steer clear of dark shades in large quantities as this will most definitely make you feel claustrophobic in an already small space.

Make Beige Your Friend


We bet you’ve never considered the difference that lights can make. I mean, that’s essentially the difference between your favourite Instagram blogger’s selfies and your own! She’s found the perfect light. Pick light sources that don’t take up space so ceiling and wall lights work best. We find white light to be too sanatorium-like which is why we choose to use soft yellow LED lightbulbs. These will give your home a cozy, soothing atmosphere while offering a sense of scale.


We understand that living in a big city often comes with small spaces but with these easy tips you can find some relief and treat yourself to some homemade coziness.