Self-Care for Expecting Moms

Being pregnant is one of the most special and unique experiences you can have as a woman. There is no way to know what to expect or to predict how you will react both emotionally and physically. Although every pregnancy is different, there is one thing in common: this is a time where you need to pay lots of extra attention to yourself. This means changing your lifestyle, nutrition and exercise regime. Here are some tips we’ve found have really helped the mamas in our life get through pregnancy with ease!


The most important thing to keep in mind while pregnant is that you are now eating for two. You are responsible for nourishing a little human that is growing inside you but are also its home so both of you need to be healthy and happy. Your diet should be well-balanced and you only really need to add about 250 calories to provide enough nourishment to your baby. You should increase your intake of protein, fresh fruits, grains and vegetables while choosing foods that are high in fiber and low in sugar. You will also have to avoid certain things like raw seafood, non-pasteurized cheeses and other items mentioned by your doctor. It is very natural to develop cravings and preferences you never had before, and you should go ahead and feed these cravings for as long as it is healthy and you feel good.

Physical Activity

Many women think that getting pregnant is a sign that they should stop all physical exercise completely, however that is a myth (and also a very fair excuse to hang out in bed more!). Every woman is different so what works for one woman may not work for you but many women work out all through their pregnancy while some choose to avoid it completely. After speaking to your doctor, you can find out what activities work for you but generally you can stick to mild workouts like swimming, walking, yoga and pilates. Definitely avoid any contact sports and activities that put stress on your abdomen.

Emotionally Preparing Yourself

Having a baby is probably the biggest change you’ve ever encountered in your life. This will be a mentally trying time, as you will be trying to reconcile the changes happening to your body with the ones going on in your head. You need to remember to be gentle with yourself and stop focusing on what you think pregnancy is ‘supposed’ to be like. Take your time and focus on your breathing and the things that make you feel happy. Surround yourself with positivity and try to distract yourself from feeling to anxious and stressed.

Most of all, do what you feel like doing! If your body is saying you need to rest, we suggest you listen to your body. Always consult a doctor and use your friends who have already had kids as sounding boards for all your worries and doubts. Congratulations mama!