What Your Sleep Positions Says About You

For most of us, there are only one or maybe two positions in which we can fall asleep. You may try to sleep a certain way but once you start dozing, your body automatically moves into the sleep position that is most comfortable for you. There is quite a bit of debate around which position is best for your sleep and body, along with insight into your personality based on how you sleep. So, let’s see what your sleep positions say about your personality!


Fetal Position

This is actually the most common sleep position with over 41% of sleepers choosing this. This is where you sleep on your side with your legs curled up underneath you and your arms tucked in or under your head. This might be the coziest and most comfortable position, I mean it’s what babies do so, of course, it would be. This is actually a good sleep position for aligning your spine and uninterrupted sleep. It’s also the best way to sleep when you’re pregnant!

If you sleep like this, you may have a tough exterior but are super sensitive on the inside. Perhaps not surprisingly, women are twice as likely to sleep this way versus men.


The Soldier

Do people joke that you look like you’re at attention while you sleep? If so, then you can let them know that the way you sleep is called the soldier! Straight on your back with your arms down by your side. This is good for those who have back and neck pain and also when it comes to reducing acid reflux. However, if you snore then this isn’t the right position for you. You should also use a thinner pillow if you sleep on your back to reduce strain on your neck and back.

If you sleep like this, you are the strong, silent type. You hold yourself to high standards and take yourself quite seriously.


The Stomach Sleeper

If you sleep on your tummy, with your head to one side, then you are a stomach sleeper or skydiver. This position is actually one of the worst ways to sleep because it puts lots of pressure on one side of your neck and crunches sensitive muscles that protect your spine and neck. This also isn’t a very natural way to sleep so you may be straining your spine as well. If you sleep this way, you also take up much more space than normal so you better invest in a king size mattress!

If you sleep like this then chances are you’re fun, open, adventurous and playful. You are quite to the point and this can come off as rude at times but it’s just how you like to express yourself.

What position do you sleep in? And does your sleep personality reflect your real one? We’d love to hear!